Opens Sunrise Period for Username Registrations, a first of its kind event based social media platform being promoted by ClarityPark LLC, is opening a sunrise period for the public to reserve usernames.

“As a major sponsor of this platform, we are excited to be part of an offering of this kind, and we understand that the demand for usernames of few characters is a contentious point for any platform,” stated D.W. Small, the ClarityPark Co-Founder. “In order to limit hoarding, we have a system where we will be issuing promo codes to top influencers to allow them to register early.  Individuals or organizations without a special promo code can still register their username but will be charged a nominal fee of $2 dollars to avoid the hoarding and reselling of usernames as has been the case with other platforms”.

Marketing Technology News: Consumers Turn to Digital Gift Cards Ahead of 2020 Holiday Season will allow individuals to share notification of their live events across various platforms in one offering.

“In our research at ClarityPark, we understood that this was a great need for individuals and we began to partner with like minded groups within the social media space to get feedback on how to capitalize on the great demand,” said D.W. Small.

Marketing Technology News: Expands Conversational AI Platform Functionality with Zendesk Integration

With the increase of various platforms for streaming content and live feeds, it seems that most individuals who are on Instagram, Twitch, Reddit or YouTube are constantly attempting to monetize their audience across other platforms.  So it is not uncommon to find individuals with multiple live streams. will also accommodate brick and mortar events by supporting traditional retailers and small businesses.  “We found that during this pandemic, the changing of business hours was one of the main factors which affected the ability for small shops and institutions to stay connected with their customers,” said D.W. Small.

“ will allow them to move away from the traditional model of managing their hours to a more fluid system that facilitates unforeseen events and is more inline with our constant changing environment.”

Marketing Technology News: Retail And Banking Leaders Project Optimistic Outlook During Extended Holiday Shopping Season

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