ImpactWayv New Social Impact Platform Launches ‘Ambassador Program’ For Young People Looking To Change The World

ImpactWayv, the new social media platform dedicated to social impact, is pleased to announce the launch of its ImpactWayv Ambassador Program as a key channel for Gen Z and Millennial users looking to change the world.

ImpactWayv Ambassadors are students and young professionals whose role it is to inspire other like-minded individuals to adopt ImpactWayv as a core social media platform—and to model creative and fun ways to engage others around social good.

ImpactWayv’s newly-added photo and video capability allows for creativity and innovation in promoting the issues that matter most to them. The ImpactWayv Ambassador program will capitalize on this feature, encouraging its dedicated, creative participants to establish new ways to communicate about social issues, to exchange ideas and to engage others to drive collective impact.

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According to ImpactWayv Co-Founder and President George Dolatly, the platform has begun to pick up traction as a positive alternative to existing social media channels, particularly among college students and young adults.

“Other social media platforms rely on ‘likes’ to determine the value of a post. But many Gen Z’ers seek something more meaningful – they want to know their time on social media is not wasted; that it’s having a positive impact on the world,” said Dolatly.

A key tenet of the ImpactWayv platform is that users are empowered to create substantive, positive impact with every post. User actions, and the engagement they inspire across the platform, contribute to a proprietary “Impact” score for every individual, nonprofit and company using the platform.

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Many are starting to turn to ImpactWayv when assessing an organization or individual’s authentic commitment to social impact. For instance, individuals are increasingly considering corporate profiles on ImpactWayv when making purchasing and employment decisions. Potentially, colleges or employers that seek to recruit a socially active student body or employee base could add ImpactWayv’s metrics to their rubric.

In addition, nonprofits and socially-conscious businesses alike are noting the natural inclination of young people to join ImpactWayv and are beginning to view the platform as a valuable tool for reaching this audience with targeted, purpose-driven messaging.

The ImpactWayv Ambassador program ultimately provides a deeper level of engagement for young people—offering a platform to influence and empower their peers to make a difference in the world.