LiveWorld Launches a Dedicated HCP Social Media Practice

Digital Agency Responds to Pharma Brand’s Dramatic Need for Social Media Experience and Expertise in Marketing to HCPs

LiveWorld, announced the creation of a dedicated Healthcare Professional (HCP) Social Media practice to support the emerging needs of pharma brands, according to Chairman & CEO Peter Friedman.

“We are able to get inside the hearts and minds of HCPs by listening to the right conversations, asking the right questions, and uncovering where and how to reach them.”

This new initiative, led by VP Strategy Danny Flamberg and Medical Director Umar Siddiqui, MD, signals a deepening commitment to understand, reach, engage and persuade healthcare professionals (HCPs) by using social media to optimize non-personal promotion (NPP), launch or sustain medications and innovations, and facilitate productive interactions with healthcare providers.

According to QuantiaMD, eighty percent of physicians surveyed use social media in their practice. Private physician-only social platforms report 100% increases in use during the last 18 months. Read more about HCP walled gardens.

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“The pandemic has dramatically changed attitudes and behaviors toward social media,” Peter Friedman, LiveWorld Chairman & CEO observed. “HCPs have flocked to social platforms to share clinical and scientific information, connect with peers and keep up with the latest developments in the pharmaceutical and life sciences space. Marketers are scrambling to understand the nuances of social platforms. They are trying desperately to keep up with or anticipate the latest developments.”

“LiveWorld is distinctly different from our peers because we approach marketing tasks and campaigns with a social sensibility that emphasizes engagement, interaction, sustained two-way communication, and both logical and emotional contextually relevant conversations,” observed Friedman. “We are able to get inside the hearts and minds of HCPs by listening to the right conversations, asking the right questions, and uncovering where and how to reach them.”

“We bridge this gap. LiveWorld leverages over 25 years of digital and social marketing experience to provide contextually relevant information to and engagement for HCPs where and when they want it,” according to Danny Flamberg, Vice President, HCP Practice. “Social media has been catapulted from a secondary media consideration for the HCP segment to a strategic imperative, and we are uniquely positioned to help marketers keep up with and optimize its promotional impact.” Get the LiveWorld HCP Fact Sheet.

Social media is emerging as a critical channel for reaching and mobilizing healthcare professionals. A growing number of pharmaceutical companies recognize that social media is an integral part of new product and therapy launches, dissemination of clinical and scientific data, peer-to-peer consultations, and connections with key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Social media is measurable, scalable and ROI positive and is a key tool in breaking through wait-and-see attitudes toward new medications, indications, and therapeutic techniques.

Recognizing this tectonic shift in thinking and in channel options prompted LiveWorld to create a dedicated practice aimed at HCP communication and engagement. The practice is staffed by experts in digital and social media with pharmaceutical marketing and advertising experience in 20 therapeutic categories.

Brands which are aiming to change HCP attitudes, behavior and clinical choices need a marketing communications partner that is socially savvy. Breakthrough performance in HCP marketing requires understanding the science, the clinical issues, and the workflow of the HCP audience as well as the mindset of the HCP population. LiveWorld brings both sets of capabilities to the pharma market.

LiveWorld’s new HCP Social Media practice compliments long-standing core practices in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) social media marketing and social media moderation.

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