Meltwater Partners With AARMY To Create Industry-Leading Employee Fitness Program

Meltwater, a leading provider of social and media intelligence, has partnered with the internationally-acclaimed, world’s number one group fitness coach, Akin Akman and his brand AARMY, to create a bespoke series of fitness classes which help connect physical and mental skill-building concepts.

In a first-of-its-kind corporate wellness initiative, Meltwater launched the training program as a natural step for an organization that seeks to innovate and provide growth opportunities for its employees.

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Akin Akman, AARMY’s co-founder commented, “I am excited to be one of the pioneers of merging business and fitness. What we do at AARMY can be a secret weapon for businesses, so I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take this partnership.”

Meltwater currently provides access to curated fitness content to over 2,200 employees across the globe, spanning 50+ offices in 20 countries.

Coach Akin shared an insight into the creative process saying, “The way I coach at AARMY, we use movement to unlock the mind and bring out your greatness. In anything you do you have to lay a strong foundation, learn the basics, and then you get to tap into your mindset and strengthen your weaknesses and get your mind right. Once you know you have that greatness within, you can direct your intention and figure out your why. The training program takes you on the journey of how to succeed in every aspect of your life.”

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Zubair Timol, Global VP of Culture at Meltwater, commented, “It has been a privilege to collaborate with an elite fitness coach like Akin and curate an offering which is customized for our organization. We are committed to providing our employees around the world with access to the world’s best opportunities to cultivate physical and mental health. It’s been heartwarming to see the positive reaction, as we seek to develop an international, community-centric team that prioritizes health and wellness.”

As Meltwater looks to continue to prioritize employee health and well being, and remain an employer of choice for top talent globally, the company will continue to take an innovative approach to employee wellness and development with several new projects in the pipeline.

Meltwater has been recognized by Comparably with awards for “Best Global Culture” and “Best Company for Happiness” based on employee reviews.

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