Monetized Social Media Platform, Fanbase Grants Equity To 23-Member Creator Advisory Board

Bill Campbell Formerly Of TikTok/Bytedance Joins As Advisor To Help Launch Flickz, New Short-form Video Editor

Fanbase, the subscription social platform that empowers any user to monetize their content, has granted equity to all 23 members of its Creator Advisory Board. The Creator Advisory Board was formed in response to the disparities and inequities rampant within the entire creator economy. As part of their role on the Board, creatives across the nation – especially Black creatives – will shape the design of Fanbase’s new video function firsthand, specifically tailoring the feature to address the specific needs of creatives often left behind, or insufficiently compensated for their work in the digital space.

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With input from the Creator Advisory Board, Fanbase announced the upcoming release of its new short-form video and music editor, Flickz, to its platform available later this fall. The new feature marks the latest development to come to the platform, allowing Fanbase users to record short video clips and augment in real-time their personal collections with filters, music and more.

“I’m grateful to have been part of the design process for Flickz,” said popular social media influencer Ziggi Tyler. “The industry moves so quickly nowadays that it often leaves creators like us behind when it comes time for platforms to pay us and recognize us in the ways we deserve. I haven’t experienced anything like what I’ve encountered at Fanbase, where a platform invests in us every step of the way – from tapping our voices in the early ideation stages of platform functions, to compensating us with robust stakes in the company. It’s clear that consideration of the user guides every direction Fanbase takes as it continues to grow.”

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Supporting the creation of Flickz is Bill Campbell, who will serve as Music, Growth, and Flickz Development Advisor. Previously, Bill was an advisor to both TikTok and ByteDance.

“Flickz is something the Fanbase team has worked on tirelessly to design – alongside creators themselves. It’s a space where users can create content without the burden or worry of whether their work will be valued disproportionately compared to other creators,” said Isaac Hayes III, Founder and CEO of Fanbase. “With Flickz, Fanbase is another step closer to becoming the equitable alternative in the social media landscape.”

Fanbase is a photo, video, audio chat, live streaming and long-form content app that lets any user post to followers for free but also earn revenue by posting exclusive content for subscribers and with virtual currency they call “Love.” The platform is specifically designed to upend the monetization disparities in today’s booming creator economy and recently closed a $3.5 million dollar seed round earlier this year.

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