New Social Media Platform Empowers People To Take Action and Solve Everyday Problems

Positive Reactions™ Launches On iOS Devices

Positive Reactions Inc. announced the launch of its unique social media platform that has one simple and powerful goal: to make the world a better place.

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Designed to inspire people to come together, Positive Reactions is powered by patent-pending technology that allows users to bring awareness to the special causes that are dear to their hearts and enables others to rally behind them in support through fundraising, volunteering, petitioning, creating letters and more. Some of the initiatives that have been completed through the platform already include:

1. Give Big, Shop Small (Toronto, Canada): a campaign to support local businesses that were struggling to stay open due to COVID-19.
2. Beach cleanup (India): a campaign to sponsor a beach cleanup by providing meals and cleaning supplies to volunteers.
3. Disaster relief (Nepal): a campaign to provide cooking supplies to families who lost their homes due to earthquakes and flooding this summer.

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Instead of tracking “likes”, the platform measures real-world actions, called Positive Reactions. If there are 1000 Positive Reactions for a cause, this means 1000 actions have been taken for change such as donations or petition signatures. Users will be able to check back on a completed cause to see pictures, videos and other info about the results of the change they supported. Positive Reactions measures the impact of user actions, which earns users points they can spend on fun rewards or create their loop of positivity by donating to more causes. Each personal profile showcases the causes a user has participated in and measures the positive effect of their actions over time.

“Our life shouldn’t be determined by our circumstances but instead by our reactions to these circumstances” says Syed Rizvi, on founding Positive Reactions. “Our choices have a rippling effect. By measuring and tracking this rippling effect we can show our users both the short and long-term effects along with the meaningful impact they have on the world around them. This creates a loop of positivity and inspires further positive action.”

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