Shareablee Announces New Cultural Intelligence Suite ‘Pulse’

“Pulse” integrates actionable trending metrics from TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Trends, YouTube, and more 

Shareablee Inc., the authoritative guide for what’s happening in culture, announced today the launch of Pulse – their dashboard-based solution that allows users to see the top trends happening anywhere online in over 40 markets globally.

Shareablee’s Pulse is designed to help marketers and content creators understand what is happening in culture right now, across all the touchpoints they need to know about such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. By examining what consumers are talking about, searching, and engaging with online, marketers can feel confident that their messaging is interesting, timely, authentic and relevant.

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Some of the available insights within Pulse include:
-trending creators, authors, sounds, challenges, and videos on TikTok.
-trending topics from Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Search, and Reddit.
-top trending content across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, more
-more sources will be added to the dashboards as they become available

Pulse is a powerful addition to Shareablee’s Insight Studio product, which includes private and competitive metrics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. The metrics are all housed within user-friendly, customizable, and visually appealing dashboards that make it easy to find and share insights quickly.

“Launching Pulse is our response to an obsession that intensely developed in the last year to have data and insights that focus specifically and uniquely on exactly what’s happening in culture right now and finding a way to be across all the change and the key moments that happen each day. We want to make this rush of information cohesive and easy to understand, but also broad enough to give you the confidence to speak to what is happening in the greater online ecosystem,” said Tania Yuki, Founder & CEO of Shareablee.

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“The pandemic has really brought about a shift in the way consumers make content and brand choices. It’s now critical that brands are listening to, engaging with, and shaping the culture and trends their customers are immersed in every day. Pulse fits that need by helping users to understand what people care about so they can get involved and be a part of what’s happening.”

In tandem with the new product launch, Shareablee is launching a video podcast series: CMO Pulse. The series, which features Chief Marketing Officers from top companies including NBCUniversal, Chipotle, United Healthcare, and Hearst, was created to share the stories of the world’s brightest and most creative marketers, as they adapt their businesses to the ever-changing consumer and find ways to create a huge impact for their customers, and in the world. With a lens of staying relevant and engaging with culture, these conversations serve to inspire listeners and showcase the best in marketing innovation.

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