WeLivv, Inc. Announces Applaudable, its New Social Media Platform

WeLivv, Inc. is revolutionizing social media with its new platform, Applaudable. The company has developed a social media model that aims to improve user awareness and appreciation for the experiences that have had meaning in their lives. Applaudable will facilitate the sharing of those experiences in a way that pays them homage, but also allows others to emulate them. With social media today being toxic and completely lacking utility, the company believes the market is ripe for a platform that can actually improve the quality of life of its users. The platform will rival leading social media apps including Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, by focusing on specific, genuine experiences its users love or appreciate, and making them available on its platform in such a way that they can be repeated by others.

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“Imagine having recorded every great experience you’ve ever had in your life,” says Applaudable’s CEO Andrew Christodoulides. “The sheer act of recognizing each of those experiences actually increases gratitude, further improving the experience.” He continues, “then, seeing the impact your shared experience has on others throughout the world is something we believe is incredibly powerful”.

Applaudable will allow users to share daily pleasures by ‘Applauding’ them – whether a book they read or a recipe they tried. Commercial experiences – be it a book, a restaurant or anything else – will be accessible by users right from the post, through which they will be able to order the book, make the reservation, or otherwise access whatever was Applauded. Users will also be able to share personal experiences that gave shape to their lives. These will include attribution to the individuals that played a role in them. They will also offer context and details that can facilitate relatability and repeatability.

“Who and where we are today has bits and pieces of every experience and every example that others set along the way. Most of it is just chance,” says Andrew Christodoulides. “We want to enable individuals to be much more deliberate about the examples that shape their lives. And we’ll give them access to one another’s greatest experiences to do so.”

Applauded experiences (i.e. posts) will be distributed through a feed or search results, just as we are used to through other social media apps. Rather than content being populated solely based on individuals users know or follow, the stream of Applauded experiences will be curated for you from individuals with similar interests and backgrounds.

The platform is still in development, with early access only being afforded to select individuals, however it has received overwhelming interest with tens of thousands already having registered. Applaudable is currently expanding its product team and raising capital through a public offering which has garnered massive interest from thousands of investors. They expect a full version of the platform later this year.

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