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Three Retailer Lessons from Amazon Go Stores

Amazon can generate a world of press just by opening one store. Admittedly the Amazon Go store is unique in two ways: It’s a brick and mortar store from the world’s largest e-commerce company; and, It doesn’t have any checkout — simply walk in, grab what you want, and walk out. Since its launch, Amazon has dominated the digital commerce world. But Amazon’s threat isn’t limited to digital; each sector is vulnerable. Whether they want to admit it or not, all retailers, from mom-and-pop shops to behemoths like …

New Report Reveals the Gender Gap in Use of Mobile Technology while Shopping

New survey by Euclid Analytics reveals women seek unique experiences, men expect convenience as key part of in-store shopping experience Gender and in-store technology are more closely related than what was perceived earlier. According to the latest report by Euclid Analytics, women shoppers use mobile devices in more and diverse ways while shopping, compared to men.  Women are not just leading the pack in checking email promotions and taking pictures of products, they are also more likely to take and share pieces of…