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Year-Ender 2017: 10 Extraordinary Martech “Moments” of the Year

In Part 2 of Our Year-Ender 2017 Series, We Bring You the Top Ten Martech Moments From the Year in a Chronological Order "The true delight is reminiscing and reliving the moment all over again." For Martech journalists, 2017 proved to be a momentous year, as we saw many mega-moments of delight that paved the course for the future. In Part 2 of our Year-ender 2017 series, we bring you the top ten Martech moments from the year. Read More: Trends in Marketing Technology Budgets Could Impact Data Quality and Hygiene…

TechBytes with Yuri Khidekel, CEO, Artsai

Yuri Khidekel Founder & CEO - Artsai We are in that phase of utilizing technology where marketers are flooded with various automation solutions for omnichannel successes. From building a performance marketing suite to enhancing overall vision into customer journeys, modern marketers can leverage adaptive marketing solutions for better communication with billions of consumers. To understand how adaptive marketing can transform your programmatic strategies, we spoke to Yuri Khidekel, CEO, Artsai.MTS: What's the idea…