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Folloze Launches ‘ABM Now’ Solution to Accelerate Time to Revenue for B2B Vendors

Industry leaders Folloze and Demandbase collaborate to streamline the planning and execution of Account-Based Marketing campaigns Folloze announced the launch of ABM Now, an all-in-one Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution that includes the Folloze Personalized marketing platform powered by Demandbase firmographic data. ABM Now enables marketers to quickly plan and execute highly personalized revenue-generating campaigns against their target accounts. Today, the success of any ABM program requires both a customer-centric…

B2B Buying Disconnect: Are You Targeting the Right Set of Customers?

While Authenticity and Validation Through Independent Resources Are Key Factors For All B2B Buyers, It's Even More Important for Millennial Buyers, Says Megan Headley of Trust Radius In a recent report on B2B SaaS buying trends, TrustRadius revealed major disconnects and key opportunities for vendors in the industry. The report, titled "The 2018 B2B Buying Disconnect", included the vendor perspective, enabling a direct comparison between how vendors attempt to influence buyers versus how buyers make purchasing decisions.…