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InfluencerDB Releases Highly Requested Campaigns Feature

Creates Pipeline for Brands to Easily Manage & Analyse Campaigns from Start to Finish; Identify Top Performing Partners   InfluencerDB, a global influencer marketing software with clients including Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa, Loreal and more, announced the addition of a new feature aptly called the Campaigns feature. The Campaigns feature allows brands to manage and analyze their influencer marketing campaigns from beginning to end within the software, providing an overview of all active and completed campaigns. The…

Samba TV’s Tune-In Measurement Solution Is Now Available in Google Marketing Platform

Media Companies Can Now Measure TV Tune-In Lift Across Google Marketing Platform Samba TV has announced an integration that allows broadcasters, networks, and media companies to measure lift in TV tune-in based on advertising across Google Marketing Platform. For the first time, television programmers can attribute tune-ins driven by YouTube ads, as well as any digital media served through Google Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 within Google Marketing Platform. As a result, programmers can access tune-in…