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InfluencerDB Releases Highly Requested Campaigns Feature

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Creates Pipeline for Brands to Easily Manage & Analyse Campaigns from Start to Finish; Identify Top Performing Partners  

InfluencerDB, a global influencer marketing software with clients including Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa, Loreal and more, announced the addition of a new feature aptly called the Campaigns feature. The Campaigns feature allows brands to manage and analyze their influencer marketing campaigns from beginning to end within the software, providing an overview of all active and completed campaigns. The goal: to help companies make better data-driven decisions for their future influencer marketing activities.

The new feature aims to get users out of excel documents and provide brands with a complete overview of existing and archived campaigns by keeping all relevant data in one place. This is done through one comprehensive dashboard with multiple facets that helps teams collaborate, adds transparency and most importantly, figure out which partners are performing best to make educated decisions moving forward. The Campaigns feature includes:

Campaign Dashboard – Control Your Campaigns in One Dashboard

Teams will see a “Campaign Dashboard” which allows them to quickly view everything they need at a glance. You can search campaigns by names and tags and display a summary of each campaign including tags, total number of influencers, campaign schedules and budget tracking.

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Campaign Manager – Streamline Your Process & Create a Pipeline for Teams

Great for teams, this feature gives them control over the process as it displays a complete overview of your influencer campaign with multiple collaboration partners. With this feature, you can create stages for your campaign and virtually drag and drop influencers through a pipeline system, allowing you to track and control campaigns and budgets and make sure everything is moving forward.

Influencer Deal – Never Lose Track of Collaboration Partners

The Influencer Deal page offers brands a simple overview of their deals and stores important details of the partnership. Brands can add all the relevant details and use the comment section to save all important information their teams need such as:

  • add details about the influencer like the type of content they create, payment details, contracts, etc
  • Auto-generate unique tracking links for each influencer and their coupon codes to track who performs best
  • Communicate the deals with the teams in the comment section
  • Upload and securely store important documents

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Campaign Briefing – Store All Campaign-Related Documents in One Place

This section of the dashboard helps teams keep all relevant briefs and information surrounding a campaign in one place to access. By keeping everything related to a campaign in one place, it makes it easier to access and manage reports.

Campaign Reporting – Track the Actual Impact of Partners

The Campaign Reporting provides an aggregated breakdown of the campaign’s performance to help brands make better, a data-driven decision for the future of their campaigns. This feature can be used to:

  •  Follow metrics for the individual collaboration partners
  •  Manage the influencer-generated content – the software accumulates all posts that contain campaign hashtags
  •  Calculate the ROI and Cost Per Click of campaigns with auto-generated tracking links
  •  Identify the top performing collaboration partners

For InfluencerDB’s VP of Product Dan Anisse, the launch of Campaigns was a logical step for the customer-centric company that aims to make the practice simple, transparent and data-driven.

“Campaigns is an essential and crucial step when it comes to executing effective influencer marketing campaigns. What we are aiming to do with Campaigns is to fully integrate the users’ workflow with the InfluencerDB software. We wanted Campaigns to deliver a complete solution from the discovery of Influencers, all the way to reporting the performance of these influencers,” says Dan Anisse, VP of Product at InfluencerDB.

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