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MarTech Interview with Tami Erwin, EVP and Group CEO at Verizon

"For businesses, the shift to remote and virtual due to COVID-19 means we've seen faster digitization of data and more data created in many more places (from a distributed workforce, assets, and facilities). AI plays a role by predicting and prescribing what actions should be taken based on that data.." Hi, please tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Verizon Business. I am the CEO of Verizon Business Group, a 26,000-strong team focused on delivering mission-critical solutions to businesses…

It’s Ok to Message Your Customers – but They’re Not Your Friends

Messaging technology is more than mere texting. It supports incredible communicative flexibility, all within a single personalized environment. Be it WhatsApp or WeChat or Viber or Telegram, billions of people are flocking to messaging platforms to exchange images, gifs, video, and audio. And these platforms represent a new means for doing business, rapidly enabling access to myriad other services and applications — setting appointments, tracking shipments, buying gifts, ordering lunch, etc. Brand forays into messaging…