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Cal State La Researchers Use Data Visualization, AI in Fight Against COVID-19

Cal State LA researchers are joining the fight against COVID-19, developing tools that government officials and health care workers can use to make decisions during the global pandemic. During the past month, as coronavirus cases escalated across the United States, teams of Cal State LA faculty, students and staff have focused their academic research on areas that can help with the response to the pandemic. Researchers in the College of Business and Economics created an interactive data…

19 Simple and Easy Ways to Market Your App Online

Hold on! That’s what we say to the time quite often. The world, as we know it, is continuously changing – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. With every passing second, there are new advancements in Medicine, Philosophy, Engineering, Law, and every other discipline that we know of. The only constant in today’s era is changing. Technology Is Progressing at a Higher Rate Than Any Other Discipline However, there has never been as rapid advancement in any field as there has been in the field of Computer Science…