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Content Will Always Be the King

When It Comes to Marketing and Customer Engagement, Content Rules the Martech World. A Recap of What Experts Had to Say About Content in the past Year 'Condense All Content into One Central Management System' Daniel Rodriguez - VP, Marketing, Seismic: The most important aspect of content management is that the various repositories are integrated and that there is a centralized process in place to ensure that content creators and marketers know what content is being used and when. If there is no centralization and…

Interview with Dan Ushman, CEO, Concurra

"The most difficult part when leveraging analytics can be knowing what to change and what to leave alone; what to remove and what to add. " On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us about your role and how you got here? What inspired you to start a web optimization platform? I’m a ‘lifelong digital marketer’ and the founder and CEO of Concurra. The idea for Concurra came about while I was running a marketing organization at another company that I co-founded, SingleHop. One of my jobs was to maintain and grow the conversion…