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Content Will Always Be the King

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When It Comes to Marketing and Customer Engagement, Content Rules the Martech World. A Recap of What Experts Had to Say About Content in the past Year

‘Condense All Content into One Central Management System’

Daniel Rodriguez Seismic
Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez – VP, Marketing, Seismic: The most important aspect of content management is that the various repositories are integrated and that there is a centralized process in place to ensure that content creators and marketers know what content is being used and when. If there is no centralization and integration, then you start to see content sprawl, where there are a host of different repositories in which old, unbranded, and potentially non-compliant versions of content still exist and are available for employees to use at their whim. This is, obviously, a nightmare for CMOs who have invested so much in the maintenance and upkeep of their brand.
Ideally, this is solved by condensing all content into one central management system, making an oversight, management, and content upkeep exponentially easier. But particularly at large enterprises with a host of different teams and behaviors, I realize that this is a challenging endeavor. However, if you’re able to integrate them and centralize content management into an overarching platform, then you can see which content is being used when and by whom, which content is effective for whatever purpose it is supposed to serve, and, just as importantly, which content should be retired.

‘When People Finish Reading an Article, They’re Predisposed to Discover Something They May Like’

Adam Singolda
Adam Singolda

Adam Singolda – Founder & CEO, Taboola: There are three places digital marketers can spend dollars in – Google, Facebook, and the open web. I believe we’re going through a unique transition, where publishers want to have a plan in place to improve their access to data, and in light of brand safety concerns within the walled gardens, publishers can offer a scalable, targeted — and safe — way to spend on campaigns. When people finish reading an article, they’re predisposed to discover something they may like and never know existed. That moment is magical for brands as they can be introduced or reintroduced to consumers, adjacent to a premium piece of content. My hope and my thinking is that the next 2-3 years will be around unlocking that opportunity.

‘Our Staff Has Personal Experience In CPA’

Alexander Bachmann
Alexander Bachmann

Alexander Bachmann – CEO, admitad: At admitad, we think that, in order to succeed, publishers do not only have to be supplied with innovative tools and technology; we also focus on providing guidance and support to them from the very beginning of their journey in affiliate marketing. This year we opened the Admitad Academy for Publishers which provides courses and webinars that help our publishers develop their skills in CPA. Since it was founded, admitad has been different from others in that our staff has personal experience in CPA as publishers and we all understand our affiliates and their practical needs in this business. Another important thing is admitad support service. From the very beginning, we have been cultivating three important features in our support: fast response, deep expertise in all marketing niches we work with, and knowledge of multiple languages and cultural sensitivity. Apart from the personalized service, admitad offers our publishers all innovations they need in order to be successful and competitive. At admitad, publishers find an adaptive toolbox, online statistics available 24/7, cost-effective and predictable results, and an opportunity to work globally with over 1500 brands from Europe, America, Asia and the CIS region.

‘Using Data to Ensure That the Quality and Relevancy of Content Increases’

Jim Eustace
Jim Eustace

Jim Eustace – CEO, Bound: The building of the infrastructure for reaching people online is clear, so I think the biggest evolution will be in using data to ensure that the quality and relevancy of content increases. Engagement is much deeper than simply reaching people. It is as much about quality, relevant content as it is targeting and I think data feedback can be very helpful here. I was just talking with Christoph Becker, CEO at Gyro in New York and their mission to deliver “humanly relevant ideas” is very inspiring when thinking about online engagement. We should strive to create marketing that is a relevant and welcome experience.

‘Marketers Often Resort to Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall to See What Sticks’

Dan Ushman
Dan Ushman

Dan Ushman – Founder & CEO, Concurra: The most difficult part when leveraging analytics can be knowing what to change and what to leave alone; what to remove and what to add. Marketers often resort to throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks – but so much spaghetti is being thrown today that they don’t even know what’s working and what’s not. Concurra provides a scientific way to test changes and see what works. That’s proving to be something that most businesses and agencies are not accustomed to. Learning to change behavior can be the biggest challenge.

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