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Interactive Demo Automation for Sales Engineers – Consensus’ New Release Unlocks Unique Buying Group Analytics

Consensus, a software startup that helps B2B presales teams scale through interactive demo automation, announced today a new update designed for large customers. "While working with presales and sales teams at some of our enterprise customers, such as Oracle and ADP, we noticed the need for some additional features unique to large companies," says Garin Hess, Founder and CEO. "For example, they want to have more control over how they organize the unique demo analytics that Consensus gathers and tracks."…

Consensus Snap™ Launches With Instant Video for B2B Sales Communication

Consensus, the SaaS company at the forefront of Demo Automation,  announced their newest product Consensus Snap™. Snap enables sales reps to engage multiple stakeholders quickly by instantly recording, sending, and tracking screenshot video demos on the fly. "Customers are eight times more likely to respond to a personalized video, and more likely to share the video so that sales reps can quickly discover and engage the entire buying group," said Garin Hess, Founder and CEO. Record your video, then copy a custom…