Consensus Snap™ Launches With Instant Video for B2B Sales Communication

Consensus, the SaaS company at the forefront of Demo Automation,  announced their newest product Consensus Snap™. Snap enables sales reps to engage multiple stakeholders quickly by instantly recording, sending, and tracking screenshot video demos on the fly.


“Customers are eight times more likely to respond to a personalized video, and more likely to share the video so that sales reps can quickly discover and engage the entire buying group,” said Garin Hess, Founder and CEO.

Record your video, then copy a custom link into an email, LinkedIn message, or anywhere else your prospect is. Consensus Snap then tracks when and how they engage, and more importantly, who they share it with so you can discover and engage stakeholders in the buying group.

Consensus Snap is a Chrome plugin that launches an easy-to-use screen recording and editing tool. Sales professionals record anything on their screens, such as PowerPoints, proposals, spreadsheets, or software demonstrations.

Hess says he got a question by email one morning from an internal champion at Oracle. “I launched Consensus Snap and in a few minutes sent out a video explanation rather than typing a long email.”

Within 24 hours the video had been shared with 12 different stakeholders, 11 of them engaging for a total of more than 76 minutes.

“This led to an appointment with a top decision maker and resulted in closing two additional deals,” Hess explained.

“Consensus helps sellers engage the entire buying group for each opportunity improving the chances of closing each deal. Their newest solution, Consensus Snap, is an exciting twist. It allows sales reps to record personalized video messages to answer questions or step prospects through a proposal,” said Nancy Nardin, Founder & CEO of Smart Selling Tools.

According to WordStream, given the choice of reading about a product or watching a video about it, 59% of executives would choose video. Tubular Insights notes that 54% of executives share videos with colleagues on a weekly basis. The goal of sales reps is to get in front of those decision makers in a format they are most likely to engage with and share with other members of buying groups.

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“There’s a misperception that video in sales is time-consuming, slow to produce, and expensive. But we’re proving that that couldn’t be farther from the truth,” says Brian Zurcher, Product Manager.

The beauty of Consensus Snap lies within its simplicity. Sales professionals can use the screen recording or webcam features of Snap to walk them through a product feature, ROI analysis, or proposal agreement.

“We use it internally all of the time now. My favorite is sending proposals alongside a video explanation,” says Rex Galbraith, VP of Sales.

Once the personalized video is sent, Consensus tracks when your prospect views it, who they share it with, and when those stakeholders view it.

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