Interactive Demo Automation for Sales Engineers – Consensus’ New Release Unlocks Unique Buying Group Analytics

Consensus, a software startup that helps B2B presales teams scale through interactive demo automation, announced today a new update designed for large customers.

“While working with presales and sales teams at some of our enterprise customers, such as Oracle and ADP, we noticed the need for some additional features unique to large companies,” says Garin Hess, Founder and CEO. “For example, they want to have more control over how they organize the unique demo analytics that Consensus gathers and tracks.”

The new release offers several new capabilities including multi-level user and data management, more effective Demolytics® filtering, single sign on (SSO), and increased SaaS security measures to meeting growing security and privacy demands from large customers.

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Presales teams often struggle to keep up with increasing demand for live demos and the demo function quickly becomes a bottleneck, derailing opportunities and frustrating sales teams and customers with unavoidable delays. Consensus’ interactive demo automation platform personalizes product videos and documents in response to questions so each stakeholder in the buying group automatically learns about your product in a way that is more relevant to them. Consensus tracks engagement with these demos to help sales teams understand what matters most to prospects.  This allows each sales engineer to effectively serve more prospects and brings those prospects to live demos better educated and ready to talk specifics.

“We’ve seen over and over that what matters most to the sales teams we work with are the analytics that give the sales team insights into what is driving buying behavior inside their target organization,” says Alex Edwards, Director of Client Success. “Top level leaders also want to roll up and view this data inside their internal BI dashboards.”

Consensus users (usually presales and sales reps) can now be organized in any hierarchical structure with unlimited levels of hierarchy, enabling sales leaders to roll up or drill down on this compelling data, called Demolytics™, in any way they choose.

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“The demolytics offer a fantastic transparency on the prospect’s interaction with your demo, allowing you to improve the way you position the product,” says one Presales leader. “Using Consensus we are now able to track prospect’s interaction with our demos, identifying key needs related not only to the product itself, but also in regards to the way we are currently positioning them on the market.”

Consensus makes it easy to create re-usable interactive demos that the sales team can send out on-demand. Once the solution consultant creates the re-usable interactive demo, inside sales reps create custom landing pages for the buying group called DemoBoards™.

One sales leader on the popular G2Crowd SaaS review site described the benefit of this approach this way: “Consensus allows you to reach stakeholders in a more personalized way and understand what is going to help them make a purchasing decision.”

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