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PowerPost Unveils New Playbook For Creating ‘Intelligent Content’

"The Intelligent Content Playbook" Showcases the Best Content Optimization Strategies from Leading Marketing Experts PowerPost, a leading content publishing platform for brand marketers, announces its release of The Intelligent Content Playbook, a new eBook distilling the best content creation strategies and optimization techniques from the industry's top marketers. The Playbook gives immediate, actionable guidance on creating branded content that cuts through digital noise using today's most advanced technology, trends…

Interview with Andy Zimmerman, CMO – Evergage

"Those products that efficiently integrate into existing tech stacks and can capture, analyze, interpret and act on customer data will have the biggest advantage."On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us a little bit about your role and how you got here. I oversee the marketing function at Evergage. I first learned about Evergage as a client at my previous company. Once I got to know the platform and the people behind it and came to appreciate the huge market potential for the company, I worked with the CEO to come on…