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Acxiom Announces Audience Cloud For Advanced Cross-Channel Management of Acxiom Data

Acxiom®, announced the Acxiom Audience Cloud™, a self-service tool for accessing Acxiom data that allows marketers to find the right audience for their campaigns, adjust the size, test new segments and distribute audiences throughout the marketing ecosystem via LiveRamp, their preferred onboarder, or native PII-based integrations. Acxiom Audience Cloud, an advanced cross-channel audience management tool enables agencies and marketers to generate audiences at a targeted level, while adhering to applicable privacy rules and…

Facebook Copyright ID System To Curb Infringements and Fake News

If YouTube can do it, why can't Facebook? Oh, wait! Facebook does request its users to take down copyrighted content "if" its software manages to pick any infringements. In 2017, things will change. World's most popular and most active social networking site is currently developing a cutting-edge content recognition system to effectively stem the issue of copyright infringements proactively. With its own in-house content recognition system, the social media giant is expected to curb the growing notoriety of “fake news” as…