Facebook Copyright ID System To Curb Infringements and Fake News

If YouTube can do it, why can’t Facebook? Oh, wait! Facebook does request its users to take down copyrighted content “if” its software manages to pick any infringements. In 2017, things will change. World’s most popular and most active social networking site is currently developing a cutting-edge content recognition system to effectively stem the issue of copyright infringements proactively. With its own in-house content recognition system, the social media giant is expected to curb the growing notoriety of “fake news” as well without actually prompting by itself.

Currently, Facebook complies with the notice-and-take-down policies laid by the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). With the introduction of Facebook Copyright ID System, marketers can position their brands as unique and reliable, not to forget, as the original.

What prompted Facebook to build a Content ID system?

Companies rely heavily on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking and media platforms to share their content—posts, infographics, music albums, video series and much more. Due to privacy settings provided by Facebook, it is very difficult to identify the actual source of the content.

The Content ID system will enable marketers and regulators to see the exact source of content. Facebook might even talk to leading publishers about licensing their content and paying them in return. It will save the media giant from being caught at the wrong end of a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by artists against publishers.

With the Content ID system, there are going to be repercussions on marketing strategies, especially the ones with no influencer or content delivery tools.

Possible Capabilities of the Facebook Content ID System  

Facebook Copyright ID System will feature automatic content recognition software that will identify copyrighted content and list out their monetization across all shared platforms. Content owners and advertisers can register their content and protect their work from infringement. Facebook is yet to speak about membership or fee structure around the latest content copyright protection solution.

Facebook Copyright ID System will come handy if the account is hacked or if the owner has lost access to Page or Group. It will also cut down the instances of fake account IDs that pretend to mimic the big brands by using their content. Copyright and trademark violations on Facebook can be systematically uprooted based on Facebook’s Copyright Report Form.

1:1 Content Copyright Management

Unlike YouTube that relies on the number of users reporting the copyright infringement incidents, Facebook Copyright ID System will allow 1:1 publisher-brand interaction.  Several software companies offer content recognition tools to analyze audio and video clips and compare them to a database of copyrighted works.  Facebook, on the other hand, has climbed a notch higher in content recognition space by working with top labels in the music industry. Its content partnership with Warner music Group is conspicuous enough.

With Facebook Live creating real-time content, marketers are awry about miscellaneous users posting pre-existing copyrighted work to push their products. Something that influencers would never want to see on Facebook!

A very considerate move in 2017 clearly, the social media mammoth has grown its media-savvy wings, and now wants to pitch itself as the messiah of creative artists.

Facebook, meanwhile, is yet to confirm the development.

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