Windsor Circle Predictive Analytics Now Open To Omnichannel Advertisers

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Windsor Circle, the Durham NC-based predictive lifecycle analytics, and retention marketing company announced its latest martech offering for clients. Retailers can now leverage Windsor Circle Predictive Analytics data seamlessly from its 1:1 retention automation platform to drive omnichannel advertising campaigns. The latest addition into its predictive analytics lifecycle platform will enable marketers to create impactful marketing campaigns using actionable data.

Windsor Circle Predictive Analytics is powered by its big data integrations, advanced customer segmentation, and automation. By integrating predictive data into existing marketing stacks, users can amplify the ROI from their marketing campaigns.

The latest announcement catapults Windsor Circle Predictive Analytics into the big league of martech innovators catering omnichannel marketing integration solutions. In August 2016, Windsor Circle was included in Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the US. It ranked 350 on the list. The company has managed to secure an astonishing Three-Year sales growth rate of 1,100%!

Omnichannel marketing based on Windsor Circle Predictive Analytics enable marketers to turn stores into fulfillment centers based on customer’s location using website and mobile orders. E-commerce retailing is witnessing an omnichannel shift thanks to the sporadic growth of hyper-customized marketing attribution channels. Customers now have multiple options to compare, review, test and purchase from different retailers—store, online and mobile. Windsor Circle’s Behavioral Tracking accounts for all these activities and collates data to make predictions about future events.

Windsor Circle was founded in 2011 and has since raised over $16 million in funding. In April 2016, it raised $4.1 million in an over-subscribed funding round followed by another $2.5 million line of credit from Square 1 Bank. It has secured investments from leading investors like Comcast Ventures, IDEA Fund Partners, AOL Found Steve Case, Triangle Angel Partners, Origin Ventures, and many more.

In June 2016, Windsor Circle introduced six Magento 2.0 extensions for predictive marketing. It has since been acknowledged as a potent predictive analytics company for high-value customer segmentation and retention.

Currently, Windsor Circle is integrated with nearly 20 e-commerce platforms and as many email service providers. From data ingestion and email activation POV, Windsor Circle offers a faster setup, higher integrity, and transparent real-time analytics.

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