Falcon New Social Media Tool To Drive Major Marketing Campaigns in 2017

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Falcon.io, a Copenhagen-based customer experience platform, has announced the release of a new digital tool to streamline marketing efforts in 2017. The unified social media tool is a single app model laced with all the latest marketing features. Marketers can use this tool to discover, attract, engage and nurture customers across all online platforms using social data. Easy-to-use and backed by cutting-edge real-time data analytics, Falcon digital tool is one-stop data shopping center for social media organizations.

Customer experience (CX) is a journey-based transformation that encompasses cultural shift and perception about a brand. Optimizing that CX into a single stream platform is a tactical success metric to gain a truly competitive advantage over others in social media and other channels. Falcon social media tool is a hot-bed of features that make social media monitoring look simple and easy to manage.

Automotive Social via Flickr
Automotive Social via Flickr

The new Falcon digital tool offers unparalleled customer engagement based on social listening and audience management. It takes a deep dive into social media accounts that are speaking about the brand and collates them all into one seamless hub. Content marketers and social media managers can organize posts and track audience engagement without leaving the Falcon page.

Features of Falcon social media tool

The latest social media tool is a cool mix of features that allow social media marketers to deliver flawless customer experience through their campaigns.

Social Listening

Falcon social media tool tracks relevant social media accounts and draws them into engagement using contents specific to these audiences. Marketers can now promote the most trending content to their audience and plug in their products.

Customer engagement

Be it for a fresh customer or a returning one, engagement strategies depends on how well the digital tool creates engagement touch points proactively. Emails, messaging and comments are automatically generated to respond to customer’s action.

Falcon digital tool draws real customer data from heaps of social media accounts. The marketers can then design social media campaign specific to customers who are talking about the brand to further improve the brand presence.

Content marketing

Falcon digital tool features a content publish tab to organize the entire social media content in one calendar. From scheduling posts to calculating campaign budget, the content marketing aspect improves the hit-ratio of every campaign.

Audience management

How a customer will react to a campaign remains the biggest worry of every marketer. Falcon eases this anxiety by readily providing information on customer behavior and experience with the brand in the past. Each customer interacting with the brand gets a unique set of profile details on Falcon — age, gender, contact number, address, and even marital status.

In short, marketers using Flacon social media tool can accurately pinpoint who is interacting with the brand and on what scale.

Unified customer experience offered by Falcon boosts social engagement, optimize campaign performance and increase operational efficiency—all these put together achieve maximized ROI.

Falcon’s Trak Record in Social Media Marketing

Falcon, founded in December 2010, is a meaty social media monitoring platform. It has so far raised $23.72 million in Series A and B funding led by investors Prime Ventures, Northcap, and Target Ventures. In 2015, Falcon became the first European social media management suite to enter the Twitter Official Partner Program. In the same year, it partnered with DataSift to gain social access to Facebook topic data. It is content data related to specific customer activities revolving around the brand and other subjects shared on Facebook. With enough data from world’s two largest social communities, Falcon adds enormous value to marketing efforts with guaranteed ROI.

Then in May 2016, it announced world’s first integrated CX platform that enables single customer view. Based on extensive research and in-house analytics, the company has managed to draw top-tier brands into its clientele. Toyota, Carlsberg, Tiger, Change Lingerie, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, DIESEL, and Mentos use Falcon’s content marketing and social listening solutions to gain better traction from their signature marketing and advertising campaigns.


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