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The Flow Bot Builder: An Uncompromising Approach To Bot Building

With the ubiquity of mobile devices consumers want to be able to reach business anytime, anywhere. Also, they don't want to have to tinker with browsers and apps; they just want to be able to have a quick chat with someone right now that can answer their specific queries. Shoppers want the right answers to their questions and find what they need quickly. Buyers will want to make a purchase instantly. And customers will want their problems resolved quickly by customer support teams. This requires businesses to have the…

There Can Be No Denying: Bots are Now Marketers

With the rise of ‘conversational experiences’, just about every business function — from marketing to commerce to support — must be redesigned to be conversational. The greatest impact felt due to conversational marketing is that businesses interact with far more consumer prospects than they do with those paying customers. Each one of us will soon be experiencing this as a target, if we aren't already. But it’s merely the latest phase in the evolution of marketing. The earliest phase was known as ‘outbound marketing’ and…