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Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More Conversions

The homepage is the face of your website. That’s why it’s so critical to optimize it for conversions. Some websites get a decent level of traffic, but a large percentage of those visitors never turn into leads or customers. Why is that so? Emphasizing on how well you present the homepage can bring about a world of difference. It can help you enhance user experience and position your brand in a way that gets them to take action when they land your website.  Are you still wondering about those little details that your…

Word Play on Dr. Seuss Day

2nd March is celebrated as Dr. Seuss Day. Seuss wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” using only 50 words, and successfully got a whole generation of kids having fun learning to read. “I have great pride in taking Dick and Jane out of most school libraries,” he once said, referring to the standard, dull reading primers of the 50s. Seuss’ success can be seen in how he used words, constructed sentences, and how they sound out loud. Rhyming, alliteration, and repetition were writing techniques he used to make his prose almost…