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Watermark’s Innovative CV Imports Feature Reduces Data Entry Time by 80% for Faculty

Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, announced the release of its CV Imports feature today, which uses innovative patent-pending technology to automate the process of entering a faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae information into Watermark’s faculty activity reporting solution. Easy to use and faster than any other in-market option, the company’s CV Imports feature was designed to significantly reduce the data-entry burden on faculty so that they can focus their time on teaching, service, and research efforts.…

Is Data Slowing Down Your Sales Rep?

People don’t like it when their time is taken up by trivial tasks. That sentiment fuels every facet of a salespersons’ mindset concerning data entry and is a key reason why a CRM works against them. Sales teams stuck with a traditional CRM find themselves facing an uphill battle. The average sales rep spends 4 hours per week updating data in a CRM. That’s 208 hours a year lost to entering information, most of which is irrelevant or misleading. Such mundane tasks often leave team members feeling uninspired, which…