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Navigating GDPR: Preparing for What’s to Come

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws went into effect across Europe in May, 2018. Put into place by the European Union, GDPR is a complex set of rules that have reshaped data and identity protection for consumers across Europe. One year into the age of GDPR, some businesses, especially those outside of Europe, may still find themselves confused about the legislation and how similar regulations might affect advertising if comparable laws make their way to the U.S. Even if similar regulations take years to come…

Semarchy and Solita Partner to Power Intelligent Data Hubs in the Nordics

Firms to Provide Innovative Software and Services to Empower Data-Driven Organizations Semarchy, the Intelligent Data Hub company, and Solita, one of the leading digital transformation companies in the Nordics, announced their partnership to expand their services to Finland and in the Nordics. Together the companies put modern data governance as well as master and application data management solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities at the fingertips of business users. xDM, the Semarchy Intelligent Data…