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The Dawn of the Platform Age: Digital Marketing Maturity at Last?

Industries function much like living things. They’re born, they grow rapidly, and—eventually—they hit maturity. In the ad tech and martech spaces, growth has been the hallmark of the past 20 years. But sure enough, we’re approaching an inflection point at which our industry will enter into maturity. Welcome to the Age of the Platform. So what does the digital marketing space look like when it reaches maturity? Well, as expected, there will be fewer players. Think of the automotive industry. Once characterized by hundreds…

Mediavine Publisher Network Confirmed as Google Certified Publishing Partner

Mediavine Joins A Roster Of Fewer Than 40 Companies From Around The World To Be Listed As Google Certified Publishing Partners Mediavine Publisher Network, a full-service ad management company for content creators that is known for its high viewability rates, mobile-first philosophy and video technology, announced that it has been accepted as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The influencer network joins a roster of fewer than 40 companies from around the world to be listed as Google Certified Publishing…