Mediavine Publisher Network Confirmed as Google Certified Publishing Partner

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Mediavine Publisher Network

Mediavine Joins A Roster Of Fewer Than 40 Companies From Around The World To Be Listed As Google Certified Publishing Partners

Mediavine Publisher Network, a full-service ad management company for content creators that is known for its high viewability rates, mobile-first philosophy and video technology, announced that it has been accepted as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The influencer network joins a roster of fewer than 40 companies from around the world to be listed as Google Certified Publishing Partners, and the addition marks the first time in over six months that Google has added a new partner.

As part of the Certified Publishing Partner program, Mediavine had to prove its staff was trained specialists on AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers, all of which are key to helping publishers meet their goals.

Additionally, Mediavine has demonstrated high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering over 70% ActiveView advertising impressions network-wide through Google policy-compliant custom ad units, increasing average publisher ad load speeds by over 200 percent through asynchronous advertising tags, lazy loading and other site speed optimizations, and offering Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) ad units and a custom video player monetized with Google’s Interactive Media Ads (IMA).

Eric Hochberger
Eric Hochberger, Co-Founder of Mediavine

Eric Hochberger, Co-Founder of Mediavine, said, “Google has long been one of our strongest industry partners. This relationship has been critical in helping our 2,000 properties meet their monetization goals. We are honored to be recognized by such a well-respected company as a leader in our field and are pleased to further solidify our relationship as a Certified Publishing Partner.”

Currently, Mediavine Publisher Network offers a full-service ad network for content creators. By installing a single script that optimizes all placements on an influencer’s website, Mediavine’s ad technology is ready to grow with any site. Mediavine works directly with the ad exchanges and advertisers to get top dollar for its ad inventory, resulting in faster load times, more traffic and improved user experience.

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