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Google Analytics to Add Lead-Generation Capabilities to Its Already Popular Platform

Fastbase to Power the Lead-Generation Software to Be Leveraged by Google Analytics Users to Access Potential Leads, Globally Google has made several changes to its extremely successful and popular platform, ‘Google Analytics.’ The intention behind this innovation is solely to help the marketing community understand customers better. So far, Google has been successfully releasing critical updates in an attempt to bolster its software. This has allowed marketers to gain deep insights into customer behavior, in turn, helping…

Mediavine Publisher Network Confirmed as Google Certified Publishing Partner

Mediavine Joins A Roster Of Fewer Than 40 Companies From Around The World To Be Listed As Google Certified Publishing Partners Mediavine Publisher Network, a full-service ad management company for content creators that is known for its high viewability rates, mobile-first philosophy and video technology, announced that it has been accepted as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The influencer network joins a roster of fewer than 40 companies from around the world to be listed as Google Certified Publishing…