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Seamless Personalization Beyond the Web: Practical Tips for Creating Contextual Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

The typical customer journey unfolds across multiple channels. Customers visit your website, receive and read your emails, and interact with your brand on social channels. Customers also visit third-party sites as part of their journey, where they may see ads from your brand. And that just covers the online portions of the customer journey. Customers may also call you on the phone, visit your store, or interact with you an event. How do you manage all these interactions and begin to seamlessly connect them as part of the…

Why Bot-Driven Email Data Solutions are Problematic

Google will stop all third-party use of Gmail inbox data to inform an email data staple called “panel data” on March 31. For the uninitiated, much to the frustration of privacy-minded individuals, email panel data broke down behaviors of real people and provide information about email engagement, activity and success. The loss of Gmail’s data is especially problematic for vendors who rely on panel data for recipient and engagement information, despite its known shortcomings. They need a new way to provide comparable…