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Sales Forecasting Best Practices

When it comes to Sales forecasting, traditional CRM solutions have not been able to address the industry’s needs. Forecasting is complex, and most companies struggle with resource constraints, accuracy, and actionability. Because of this, organizations are now beginning to combine process, analytics and Artificial Intelligence to hone accuracy, to make decisions that will improve Sales, and to make employees more productive. AI-enabled forecasting is still very new, and magical thinking abounds, which is exacerbated by…

Meetings and Emails May Be Costing Your Organization Millions of Dollars

Save Your Company's Money and Your Employees' Time Double Gemini, an employee productivity consulting and training company that works with Fortune 500 companies to improve workplace efficiency, has launched a FREE service for companies to assess how much time and resource dollars are being spent on activities such as emails and meetings. The service includes the delivery of recommendations and steps on how to be more efficient and save money. The service involves a 10-minute online, anonymous…