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MarTech Interview with Frost Prioleau, CEO at

"Over the course of the next year, we expect Machine Learning to move upstream to further optimize cross-channel media planning." Tell us about your role and journey into Technology. What inspired you to start We were inspired to start based on the belief that advertisers could benefit greatly from targeting audiences in a more granular and transparent way than using the legacy approach of targeting audiences with opaque, prepackaged audience segments. We launched our platform to target using… Launches Foot Traffic Attribution for OTT/CTV Advertising

New capability enables advertisers to track lift in in-store visits by households exposed to OTT/CTV ads, the leading programmatic platform for addressable, mobile, and OTT/CTV advertising, announced that it has enhanced its industry-leading OTT/CTV advertising offering to now include the ability to track lift and in-store visits from households which have been served OTT/CTV ads. Advertisers can now measure the effectiveness of OTT/CTV advertisements delivered on both large and small screens, and attribute… Launches Nationwide Addressable Connected TV and Over-The-Top Advertising Solution

Leader in Localized Programmatic Also Launching Intent-Based Behavioral and Granular Demographic Targeting for OTT/CTV Inventory, the programmatic advertising platform built for the scale of localization and personalization, announced a significant expansion of its advanced TV capabilities, including nationwide addressable targeting, intent-based behavioral targeting, and granular demographic targeting for Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) inventory. In addition to launching three unique and powerful…’s CEO Frost Prioleau Shares Key Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2018's CEO, Frost Prioleau Chats About His Key Takeaways from the Cannes Lions 2018 Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity was a big hit, like all its previous editions. A week has passed since its conclusion, yet the festival continues to buzz the content calendars. At the event, we decided to hop on to candid chat with's CEO, Frost Prioleau. Frost was attending the event for the third time, and the first in two years. Here's what Frost had to say -- "Cannes is a great opportunity…