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Optimizely Enhances Free Feature Flagging Plan with Experimentation, Targeted Rollouts

New capabilities validate product quality and drive customer engagement across the development lifecycle Optimizely, the world's leader in progressive delivery and experimentation, announced that its free feature flagging plan for development teams, Rollouts, now also includes A/B testing and feature configuration. This more comprehensive solution continues to be available as the free tier in Optimizely's enterprise Full Stack platform. With the new, enhanced Rollouts plan, teams have a single set of development tools at…

Interana Unveils World’s Most Advanced Platform for Behavioral Discovery and Analysis

Interana V3 Allows Organizations to Easily Gain Real-time Insights into Their Customers, Products, and Operations Interana introduced Interana V3 – the world’s most advanced platform for behavioral discovery and analysis. Combining unprecedented speed and scalability with unparalleled ease-of-use, Interana V3 enables an entirely new mode of data analysis in which non-technical users can interactively ask question after question, across massive data sets, in real time, in order to better understand the behavior and…