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DoubleVerify-YouTube Reaffirm Their Commitment For Safer Metric-Based AdTech Landscape

DoubleVerify’s Propriety Metric, Authentic Impression, Gets Stronger After the Second Partnership. Advertisers Can Now Measure Viewability, Fraud, Brand Safety, and Suitability, Which Will Benefit Brands Worldwide DoubleVerify provides measurement capabilities to its customers when they advertise on YouTube. Circa 2016, the company had previously partnered with the video hosting giant to offer measurement of viewability and fraud. Last week, both the companies partnered again to offer measurement of brand safety and…

The “New” Path to Scale

In today’s media world the big keep getting bigger, Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram count their users in the billions while traditional media companies continue to consolidate into massive platforms – think Comcast/Universal/NBC. Scale is a prerequisite for any meaningful marketing discussion. As a basic ingredient in the proverbial marketing soup of any brand marketer, scale is no longer a point of differentiation, but rather a starting point. Also Read: Why the Tug-of-War Will Continue in 2018 Social Marketing…