DoubleVerify-YouTube Reaffirm Their Commitment For Safer Metric-Based AdTech Landscape

DoubleVerify’s Propriety Metric, Authentic Impression, Gets Stronger After the Second Partnership. Advertisers Can Now Measure Viewability, Fraud, Brand Safety, and Suitability, Which Will Benefit Brands Worldwide

DoubleVerify provides measurement capabilities to its customers when they advertise on YouTube. Circa 2016, the company had previously partnered with the video hosting giant to offer measurement of viewability and fraud. Last week, both the companies partnered again to offer measurement of brand safety and suitability. This substantially bolsters DoubleVerify’s measurement platform to offer marketers a bird’s eye view on campaign effectiveness.

“We are excited to enter a new phase of partnership with YouTube,” said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Today, brand suitability is a core advertiser expectation — across all media types and buying platforms. With our expanded partnership, DoubleVerify is ensuring brand suitability on the world’s leading online video platform.”

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Advertisers will be the biggest gainers, thanks to DoubleVerify’s measurement abilities. Their best-in-class platform offers consistent third-party verification on campaigning helping brands in their efforts for broader measurement of media. The advertising community will get in-depth information about various elements of media on which their video campaigns are running. This is assuring due to dynamic feedback, which will help in optimizing campaign targeting.

“We are giving advertisers comprehensive intelligence and actionable insights to help them avoid off-brand media,” added Gattinella. “Whether content is damaging to brand equity or simply irrelevant, we are helping advertisers maximize campaign success on YouTube.”

Additionally, DoubleVerify also offers:

  1. Device-agnostic measurement
  2. Measurement in 20 different languages
  3. Content monitoring across 11 categories
  4. 10 additional categories for advertisement targeting

Advertisers can leverage these capabilities via Pinnacle, DoubleVerify’s leading measurement platform.

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Pinnacle covers the measurement of:

  • YouTube Auction
  • YouTube Reserve inventory
  • Trueview
  • Bumper Ads
  • Google preferred

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

Brands today are extremely cautious about customer experience. Hence, they want to take additional steps to ensure that customers are being provided with relevant advertising. Passing the DoubleVerify’s Authentic Impression metric implies that a real consumer has fully viewed a commercial in a brand-suitable environment. Thus, leveraging Pinnacle’s capabilities allows marketers with a clear understanding of consumer sentiment about the nature of marketing that is initiated. The partnership enables marketers with a high level of transparency along with the promise of higher performance. Most importantly, it solves the biggest roadblock of sending the wrong content to the wrong customer.

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