Another $115 Million in InVision’s Revenue Pool as Part of Series F Funding

This Series F Round Gets the Total Funding to $350 Million and Evaluates the Company at $1.9 Billion

Just to give our readers an idea of how far InVision’s niche has reached here are some stats about the company:

  • InVision now has five million users
  • 97% of Fortune 100 enterprises leverage InVision to drive business value from product design
  • 60,000 customers use InVision’s design tools and education sources
  • InVision works with corporate juggernauts such as Amazon, Netflix and IKEA, among many more.

Now, the company that powers the best digital user experiences just bolstered itself by adding a fresh infusion of funding. Spark Capital and Goldman Sachs have led this round. Megan Quinn is a General Partner with Spark Capital who will be joining InVision’s board. She has worked with Google and Square previously.

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“Compelling product experiences have become the deciding factor in the battle for the hearts and minds of every customer on the planet. With most customer experiences now happening on a screen, every organization is waking up to the strategic centrality of great digital product design,” said InVision Co-Founder and CEO Clark Valberg.

“It’s Amazon vs Walmart, Uber vs Lyft, Airbnb vs Marriott, Chase vs Capital One — whichever experience the customer feels most connected to wins — and the economic impact of those clicks is reshaping every single industry. Through our platform, design education and community programs, InVision’s mission is to bring design-driven innovation to organizations around the world,” he added.

InVision’s evolution has been phenomenal and fairly quick. The company began operations in 2011 as a startup to now become a Unicorn. InVision’s flagship products are single-handedly responsible for InVision’s lightning fast success.

InVision Studio is specific to screen designing and was downloaded by millions of users in its initial launch. Now launched as Version 1.0, the Studio has phenomenal capabilities.

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InVision Cloud handles the everything when it comes to product design workflow. It’s a vast tool that allows the entire enterprise to move forward with ideation and prototyping projects.

Invision Design System Manager allows the building of digital products faster and also helps the development well-aligned to a company’s brand and UX expectations.

“I run a 15-person design team focused on creating the best user experiences for Amex’s customers. Our organization is actively working to build consistent design tools and processes to scale across all teams and offices,” said Danny Forst, Director, Web Design for Enterprise Digital Membership Experience. “With Studio, InVision has become a true ecosystem and a single source of truth that brings all of our design services together.”

As per a McKinsey study, brands with strong design practice return twice as a value than their competitors. InVision also sees a 140% Net Dollar Retention and an ever-increasing use of its platform. It just shows that the importance of design in business is on the rise.

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