Gartner Predicts Digital Optimization Will Disrupt CRM Sales Technology

Tad Travis — part of the Gartner Blog Network — writes a comprehensive report on Sales Tech in CRM

Digitalization or the process of digitizing everything that can be digitized is the new best friend of the current state of the enterprise. Moreover, technological evangelists are marching to optimize this already hyper technology. With this, Gartner predicts that several internal processes pertaining to businesses will vanish or integrate together and streamline.

Gartner says that Sales Technology aspects for the CRM will be a part of this process. Sales initiatives that businesses partake in are predicted to be easier — having more reach and efficiency. For a change, this provides CRM application leaders the ability to demonstrate the power and impact of efficiency initiatives and the value it imparts to an enterprise, irrespective of its magnitude.

This will be disruptive for CRM capabilities. Previously (and even today), Customer Relationship Management Software was used as a tool for Sales & Marketing initiatives only — to have a better look at the best customers and to associate them with a stage in the sales funnel. Enterprises will now need to look beyond that — they will need to look at CRM as a channel to improve business efficiency. Process outcomes, leveraging digital optimization to execute sales, extracting newer consumer insights, finding novel methods for consumer engagement and re-aligning lower tasks are some of the critical functions that CRM will now have to look at.

Tad’s report speaks about the micro and macro trends in the CRM Sales Technology Market. He and his colleagues are a part of a CRM Sales Research team.

Hence, Melissa Hilbert and Adnan Zijadic, along with Tad Travis, who are all a part of Gartner’s Blog Network discuss and reflect on a variety of topics pertaining to Sales Technology and CRM and where these two planes meet to form a horizon.