Salesforce Optimizes Lightning Platform’s Tech Stack for Faster Application Development

There Are 250,000 Vacant Developer Jobs in the USA Alone. With an Upgraded Lightning Platform, Brands Can Leverage Existing Developer Talent and Build Apps Faster

Salesforce continues its evolution by further optimizing its lightning platform for millions of JavaScript developers globally. The new programming model consists of reusable web components that allow software developers to quickly code with the tools they like. With this, brands can build applications even faster.

Here are a few facts about the industry as per the IDC

  1. JavaScript in entirety is so far used in 95% of website development and continues being used as we talk
  2. There are 7.04 million JavaScript developers worldwide
  3. Despite the large number of software developers, the globe falls short of developer talent

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It’s evident that Salesforce realized this industry problem and decided to further make its development platform easier to use.

“We are constantly working and looking for ways to help our customers build faster, innovate and deliver new products to their customers and employees,” said Mike Rosenbaum, EVP of Product, Salesforce. “With Lightning Web Components, we are giving developers a standards-driven JavaScript model for building enterprise apps on Lightning. Every time we release a new platform capability we see an acceleration of innovation in our 150,000 customer base, and we are excited to see what our community of developers will do with Lightning Web Components.”

What Does This Mean for Marketers

The new lightning platform is packed with three standout features:

  1. Productivity Boost
  2. Performance Drive
  3. Extreme Compatibility

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With an atmosphere of hot-startups, cutting-edge innovations and large amounts of venture capitalism, the technology industry is progressing at lightning speeds. But, with so many innovators out there, sustainability becomes a challenge, especially for marketers who have the hard job of balancing business objectives with consumer expectations.

With an increasingly growing customer preference for buying from digital channels, marketers need to ensure that these channels are competitive and at par with industry benchmarks. Further, they need to dynamically change software design to meet business and consumer expectations. This is now possible through the lightning platform — Marketers won’t be siloed now but will be able to collaborate with developer teams in a combined effort to make digital consumer experience better.

Recently, Google did something similar to help the developer community build faster and better.

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