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EverString Announces the Winners of the Inaugural FIRE Marketer Awards

Award Program Honors 10 Marketers Using Data-Backed Insights to Drive World-Class Business Results EverString, the modern B2B data platform for marketing and sales intelligence, announced the 10 winners of the company's first annual FIRE Marketer Awards. The 10 marketers honored with inaugural FIRE Marketer Awards embody the principles of FIRE Marketing by using fit, intent, recency, and engagement data to focus sales and marketing teams on qualified leads and close more deals. Selected by a committee of EverString…

TechBytes with JJ Kardwell, CEO and Co-founder, EverString

JJ Kardwell CEO and Co-founder, EverString Data is the new digital currency. Many companies are struggling to clear their data streams and leverage the benefits that DMPs offer. We spoke to JJ Kardwell, CEO, and Co-founder of EverString to understand how marketers can address the issue of data and its uses.Tell us about your role at EverString, and the team and technology that you handle? I am the CEO and Co-founder of EverString, the leading marketing and sales intelligence software company. EverString helps B2B…