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Jason Wulfsohn

MarTech Interview with Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and COO at AUDIENCEX

"To create a cohesive omnichannel campaign, marketers must be able to optimize across channels, including the walled gardens." Tell us about your role and journey into Technology. What inspired you to start AUDIENCEX? I started my career directing television commercials and feature films after I graduated from USC film school in the late 90s. Eventually, I realized there was a compelling business rationale to launch my own commercial production company, especially during a time when broadcast spots were still the…

AUDIENCEX and Sizmek Partnership Empowers Mid-Market Advertisers in North America with Enterprise-Class Marketing Technology

Marketers Can Now Build Sustainable, Brand-Safe Omnichannel Campaigns on Their Own AUDIENCEX, a leading provider of end-to-end digital marketing solutions for mid-market businesses,  announced an exclusive partnership with Sizmek, the world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform delivering impressions that inspire. Under the terms of the partnership, AUDIENCEX becomes the only official Sizmek-certified mid-market reseller of the company’s buy-side advertising platform in the United States. For the past five…