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Is Facial Recognition the New Business Card?

Facial Recognition (FR) is a sensitive and controversial topic today. The ongoing debate ensues because of issues surrounding use by the police and intelligence service agencies such as the CIA and FBI as well as basic human rights to privacy. My initial thoughts were that the issues are very similar to CCTV (closed caption TV). If you’re conducting yourself in a decent way, what is the problem? Indeed, who can argue that if a good Facial Recognition system linked to a full AI back-end had managed to stop any one of the…

Infusionsoft CEO Makes a Surgical Dissection of CRM for SBs

Most CRM Platforms Are Built for Seasoned Marketers or Full-Scale Teams and Are Overly Complicated for the Average Small Business Owner, Says Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask The growing demand for better customer insights and personalization has forced most businesses to look for and invest in automation tools that orchestrate a harmonious collaboration between marketing and sales efforts. Infusionsoft has steadily grown as one of the leading martech companies to successfully help businesses, especially SBs, find their 'sweet…