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Marketo Adds Personalized Landing Page Automation with Instapage

Instapage, the leading landing personalized page platform, will now be available with Marketo automation software. The integration with Marketo, Inc. will enable marketers to design fully personalized landing pages with advanced design features. Instapage landing pages can be seamlessly integrated with existing Marketo software, driving higher ROI for marketing campaigns. On-Brand Experience comes to Marketo Instapage-Marketo integration spells a new beginning in the personalized customer experience along the brand…

Why Marketing Technology Is Essential for Modern Marketing

A focus on maximizing engagement throughout the customer journey remains the foundational principle of every marketing model. Identifying the life time value of a customer is a steady path to marketing success. Data and analytics have never been as important to marketers as they are today. And conversely, never have they been rendered as obsolete as now, when marketing moves towards building intelligent, real-time, customer engagement platforms. What explains this dichotomy in modern marketing? Enter Marketing Technology.…