Marketo Adds Personalized Landing Page Automation with Instapage

Instapage, the leading landing personalized page platform, will now be available with Marketo automation software. The integration with Marketo, Inc. will enable marketers to design fully personalized landing pages with advanced design features. Instapage landing pages can be seamlessly integrated with existing Marketo software, driving higher ROI for marketing campaigns.

On-Brand Experience comes to Marketo

Instapage-Marketo integration spells a new beginning in the personalized customer experience along the brand journey. Marketers can now offer highly interactive personalized landing pages to targeted audience based on leads generated from Marketo database. Instapage offers on-brand testing and optimizing capabilities for brands to review their personalized campaigns centered on landing pages.

Integration with Instapage brings Marketo users wide-ranging benefits –

  • Build hyper-personalized landing pages for desktop, mobile, and apps
  • Induce variations in landing page at scale using A/B testing capabilities
  • Reduce time and cost of creating and publishing landing pages
  • End launch delays caused due to mismanagement of landing page operations
  • Enhance customer experience, drive higher ROI

Tyson Quick, founder and CEO of Instapage, said, “We saw an opportunity where marketers could significantly increase their ROI. “By sending customers to a personalized landing page and have those leads pushed into their marketing platform for further lead nurturing, you’re truly maximizing your advertising and marketing dollars.”

Instapage Integration with Marketo in One Go

For Marketo users, Instapage offers quick set-up screen, thus saving valuable time and effort during integration. For pages with more than one CTAs and two-step opt-in forms, users have to perform multiple Marketo integrations.


Marketers using Instapage to personalize landing pages will get a mapping feature to match their Marketo fields. Leads generated from Instpage landing pages will stream into Marketo database, enabling Marketo clients to automate their post-conversion customer journey. It is a wonderful synergy between customer experience and post-conversion marketing available within Marketo.

“We’re always looking to expand the options available to our customers,” said Andy Choi, Senior Director of Business Development, Marketo. “This integration with Instapage provides the flexibility to build the best-of-breed marketing stack. Now, the process of acquiring and nurturing leads is seamless for marketers.”

Instapage currently offers seamless integration with more than 20 leading marketing software suites. By partnering with Marketo, Instapage aims at enabling marketers to personalize email campaigns, social media and app-based invites. Marketo is a critical value addition to Instapage’s building and testing platform.

Instapage landing page personalization services are offered on a free trial for 30 days for first-time users. Users can design landing pages using exciting templates for different campaigns – Lead generation, Two-step invite, Click through, Thank you, Webinar, E-book, Event, and App. The landing pages are optimized for desktop and mobile based on user’s selection.

For third party users, Instapage is hosting a Marketo Integration Webinar on January 12, 2017.