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As the Cookie Crumbles: Strategies for CSPs Marketing in the New “Cookie-less” Era  

For 25 years, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Marketing organizations, in general, have relied heavily on browser-based cookies to track consumer behavior online. That data has come in handy for targeting customers with digital ads and customized Web experiences that play to the products and services those customers care about. But the cookie is disappearing from the Marketing team’s toolbox. Apple got things underway last year with its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) software, and Firefox quickly…

Conventional Wisdom Suggests It’s Time to Start Preparing Your Marketing Budget for a Recession. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Even the top of the world isn’t immune to the Coronavirus. China has shut down, the Tibet side of Mount Everest and Nepalese authorities have ended all expeditions on the South flank for the rest of this year's climbing season amid the worsening global pandemic. It’s increasingly becoming apparent that the coronavirus is going to cause an economic slowdown.  The travel industry has been sent into a spiral. Conferences and major events such as SXSW have been canceled. Even college and professional sporting events are being…