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UTAG Offers a Few-Step Plan to Adopt a Rapid Digital Strategy and Survive the Pandemic

UTAG Rocket Aid is an initiative that seeks to help brands go digital in a simple way and adapt their business in the COVID-19 era. The plan, which integrates communication and technological tools, aims for long-term, definitive transformation There is no "back to normal." Today, the extraordinary has become ordinary, and will be the way forward now and into the future. In the midst of a sharp plunge in sales and closures of businesses in many areas, the advance of COVID-19 and the extension of social isolating measures…

Demystifying Predictive Analytics

What if you had a crystal ball that could tell you which leads are sales-ready and which need some nurturing? Or what type of content will most engage a specific visitor; which customers are most likely to purchase which products and through which channel; or how much demand will increase during peak holiday time? This is predictive analytics: The statistical analysis and identification of attributes that have a direct correlation to a future event or condition. There’s been so much hype about predictive analytics…