UTAG Offers a Few-Step Plan to Adopt a Rapid Digital Strategy and Survive the Pandemic

UTAG Rocket Aid is an initiative that seeks to help brands go digital in a simple way and adapt their business in the COVID-19 era. The plan, which integrates communication and technological tools, aims for long-term, definitive transformation

There is no “back to normal.” Today, the extraordinary has become ordinary, and will be the way forward now and into the future. In the midst of a sharp plunge in sales and closures of businesses in many areas, the advance of COVID-19 and the extension of social isolating measures have revealed a stark reality: many businesses were not ready for a digital world.

In this scenario, virtual solutions are an opportunity, and a lifesaver for both companies and consumers alike. Because right now clients are more connected than ever before and in-demand of fast and remote solutions.

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Recognizing the necessity for reinvention, UTAG – a communications company specializing in technology – launched a contingency plan called UTAG Rocket Aid, for those businesses and brands that want to jump on the wave of digital transformation. What makes this initiative attractive is the fact that it is designed with four simple steps and is custom made for each client. Besides that, it is a plan developed to last beyond the pandemic and as a way to build an additional sales channel, diversifying business and making it more efficient.

How does the process work?

UTAG Rocket Aid consists of the integration of tools and technologies so the adaptation to the digital ecosystem is fast, centralizing content and contact points in order to keep companies’ business active.

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It works in just four steps:

Step 1: Reach your audience. UTAG applies different audience filters and geo-localization to reach the adequate client target.

Step 2: Connect with them. Through a Smart Ad Center, UTAG redirects the consumer and connects them with the brand, centralizing all information in one place, for example: the order of a service or product for delivery; knowing the security measures of a service; viewing recipes and tutorials; buying a coupon or visiting a business’s website, among others. The buttons are personalized and can be adapted to each brand’s needs.

Step 3: Personalize your service. Through a chatbot, a message robot will instantly complete the order, sending it directly to the nearest and most efficient distributor.

Step 4: Listen to your clients. UTAG tracks each service through a Customer Service program, maintaining constant interaction with clients and, through this process, allowing them to rate the service.

The strategy is based on a proposal that acts dynamically, bridging the space between brands and their clients. In this way, UTAG reinforces its constant commitment to its clients, accompanying them with innovation and immediacy on their path to adaptability, which today is a necessity.

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