MiLegacy Offers a New and Innovative Mobile Media App to Curate Your Digital Legacy

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MiLegacy is elated to announce the release of its mobile media app that cultivates a library for your digital life in one intuitive, full-featured utility.

Combine what you love about sharing pictures and videos with friends and family, add a focus on privacy, and curate content by topic and by person to create a personal archive of your most precious asset — your memories.

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MiLegacy goes beyond the typical social media platforms and establishes a digital scrapbook for every generation to participate in — it’s the creation of your story that you add to, modify, and share, that chronicles your memories.

The Milegacy app is an innovative way for people to participate in each other’s lives. MiLegacy is for everyone and forges a multigenerational approach to documenting life as it happened and how it’s unfolding. No longer are there boxes and boxes of scrapbooks detailing special events plastered on pages from your baby years to your high school graduation. Now they can all live in one place accessible to your chosen set of close friends and family. Now and for future generations — share the moments that make up your life in your own words.

MiLegacy connects people more than ever with a presence of rich history encapsulated by the stories you have to tell. It holds the sacred and preserves nostalgia.

Celebrate Life While You Live It!

The MiLegacy app includes a myriad of fun and exciting features to uncover while you’re cultivating your digital scrapbook and bringing your life and memories into this space.


Organize and tailor your news feed by topic or person. Easily turn on or off the content on various topics or individuals — view and read exactly what you want to!

Find refuge in MiLegacy. You no longer have to waste time reading through story blasts from people you hardly know and topics you’re not interested in, but instead, it allows you to prioritize the people close to you, their stories, and the topics you do want to invest your time in.

Time Capsule

MiLegacy gives you the option to post in the future — make specific posts for a future date, or simply use it to remind yourself of an upcoming event.

Post to all contacts or specific people to communicate sentiments on a special day or make information available when you’re no longer around.

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Record Your Story

The Milegacy app allows you to record a story through your phone’s microphone and transcribe it. Take the spoken stories from your grandparents and document them digitally.

Add Video

Build upon your transcribed story with a video of the person telling it — this adds a richness to your digital archive.

Sort Your Stories By Person or Topic

Social media can be overwhelming — you’re constantly bombarded with news and topics you don’t necessarily want to read. The MiLegacy app allows you to search and view exactly what you’re looking for by events, topics, and people.

Not Another Social Media App 

Consuming the countless social media platforms that are available these days is almost like elevator music — it’s distracting and can keep us mindlessly scrolling. Not MiLegacy!

The MiLegacy app is all about connecting different points in time — past, present, and future — by offering you a new and different form of social engagement that organizes your life stories and events in a permanent place for all of your friends and family to enjoy. Participate in a whole new way that moves away from “likes” and “shares” and towards celebrating moments and memories.

Digital Filing Cabinet For Your Life

Create one place for all of your stories, photos, and videos to be filed digitally and easily organized into categories for everyone to enjoy — past, present, and future!

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